About Latent Productions

After more than a decade of collaboration with SR+T Architects, Latent Productions continues to empower innovative development with distinguished design and research capacity. Today, the work generated with SR+T continues in new collaborations that extend the realm of traditional practice into construction, material development, real estate development, and sustainable design.

Latent's founding principles embody a balanced and broad foundation across academia, finance, design, and construction. We are dedicated to the practice of a multi-faceted architecture office, overcoming preconceptions to produce new and irregular solutions to the challenges of our times.

Our agenda is to liberate specific potential embedded within a project, while celebrating spatial and material possibility. Bridging poetry and pragmatics, we endeavor to produce designs with significance and substance, recognizing value as both qualitative and quantitative. In a true synthesis of the technical and the creative, our practice folds construction technique into the design process. Our experience allows us to establish shared priorities among client, architect, and builder, while exploring innovative design solutions and leading a productive team to realize quality projects.