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In close design collaboration with the clients, and after rigorous analysis of their deep experience and credibility curating, promoting, and producing dance music events, Latent has created Verboten's first permanent home in NYC. Raw material experimentation, coupled with the scale of Verboten's 10,000 SF industrial shell, inspired a design anchored by huge steel and concrete components, bent as thick, vast sheets and laced with torched wax. Strategic lighting, expansive video streams, and voyeurism are at play with an undercurrent of homage to an incredibly immersive sound system. The custom-built dance floor literally flexes with the pounding of animated collusion. While all-night deep techno is Verboten’s base, the venue also hosts weddings, group yoga, and business events.

Design: Latent Productions, with John Perez
Sound: ITI Audio
Lighting: LIGHT::heavy
Reclaimed Wood: Sawkill Lumber
Furniture Fabrication: AGrossman
Structural Engineer: Robert Silman Associates
General Contractor: D-2 Inc
Photography: Latent, Ho Kyung Lee