Constellation Park

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Given rapidly depleting cemetery space in cities, increasing urban populations, and the acute environmental toll of both burial and cremation, alternative funerary practices are inevitable, yet currently unresolved. Our cities require new mortuary options which respond to the constraints of ecology, time, and limited burial space.

Constellation Park is a suspended public memorial, harnessing science while respecting spirituality. The system transforms our biomass into an elegant constellation of light, illuminating new civic space amidst underutilized existing urban infrastructures.

Design: Latent Productions
Team: Karla Maria Rothstein, Salvatore Perry, Kooho Jung, Hajeong Lim, Bridget Rice, David Zhai, Jennifer Preston, Kimberly V.K.H. Nguyen

Awards and Commendations:

Featured on Wired Japan 14 : Future of Death in Nov 2014, Financial Times London, NPR, and OZY in Dec 2014
Bompas & Parr and Sir John Soane’s Museum, Monumental Masonry. Third place among the Top Ten finalists
Exhibited at Sir John Soane’s Museum, London, December 6, 2014 to January 3, 2015
Charity auction arranged by Christie’s , December 5, 2014