Greylock WORKS

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Greylock WORKS will be a nexus of thriving food-based entrepreneurs crafting regional and local products under one roof. In addition to independent food production spaces, it will include a large events venue for public festivals, farmers markets, theater, conferences, concerts and private events, as well as a restaurant featuring regionally sourced goods and cuisine.

The project will be a catalyst for culture and production that celebrates New England values and contributes to the regenerative pride emanating from the City of North Adams. Under the stewardship of LATENT Productions’ team, the 170 year old Greylock Mill site will be transformed through a re-engagement with craft and local industry, synthesizing the region’s diverse agricultural resources to bring new investment to the local and regional food system, accelerating its economic potential and generating jobs. Robust community outreach will continue to grow relationships with established local groups and burgeoning entrepreneurs through an education and business acceleration program.

For more information, please visit Please also visit our Instagram for up-to-date progress and events.

Design: Latent Productions
General Contractor: Latent Builds
Custom Fabrications: Latent Productions
Photography: Latent Productions, Levi Miller, Sublet Studio, Daniel Rader