GSAPP S'12. MEMORY BANK: re-valuing Loss, re-prioritizing Value

We operate with a belief in architecture’s potential to influence societal priorities.
Countering distorted reflections of pecuniary value and the ethics often embodied by Power, the core-studio program was re-framed through lenses of imprint, duration, and legacy, giving new agency to notions of leverage, asset, and liability.
Students, called upon to investigate relationships across banking and memory, critically examined ‘value’ in our contemporary context. Interpreted diversely, individual positions were fed by unique territories of research and an intertwined series of material explorations and exchanges.
Projects explored how modes of translation, storage, loss and absence impact the urban sphere—each proposal aspiring to push perceptual limits in an effort to integrate memory into our everyday environments. Strategies of deposits and retrieval, together with calibrated organizations of physical interaction, instigated spatially and programmatically imaginative manifestations.
Both memory and finance slip between material and immaterial significance— physical, worldly substances and ephemeral, illusive impressions. Archives intersect urban existence, capital transects culture, death overlaps life, and a profundity of place engages infinite individual experiences.
Karla Rothstein, critic. Jennifer Preston, TA. Nicole Kotsis, studio mentor
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Jenny Yuan Lin